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The LOYALS Of Asheville
Ladies Of Youth And Longevity

Welcome to The Ladies Of Youth And Longevity
Chapter of the Red Hat Society.

Connect with the world’s largest sisterhood of active women approaching
50 and beyond and  Embrace and live life to the fullest!
We are the Ladies of Youth and Longevity… The LOYALS of Asheville.
Yes, we are all about "play," but we cannot discredit the deeper, more meaningful benefits of Red Hat Society Membership powerful interpersonal connections and emotional support systems built among Sisters both online and offline. 

We support one another in every life stage from all corners of the globe! We are reshaping the way women are viewed in today's culture by promoting, not only fun and friendship, but freedom from stereotypes and fulfillment of goals and dreams. 

There’s so much more….  The Fun begins here.   For more information or if you want me to add you to our Chapter so you don't miss any Gatherings, complete the form in the upper right hand corner.

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You are Invited to Enjoy Your Life

CHAPTER INFORMATION:  CHAPTER ID #58845045:  - Est. June 5, 2009
CHAPTER NAME: Ladies Of Youth And Longevity of Asheville
MEMBERSHIP: Core of a New Chapter:The Chapter founder is the Queen. The Queen may select a “court” and assign “offices” to members.

A CHAPTER: MUST wear the proper attire denoting membership at ALL gatherings and event. (Formal or Informal)

Red and Purple if she is 50 or over and
Pink and Lavender if she is under 50